2018 Summit Resources

The 2018 Agenda featured nearly 60 technical workshops and plenary-level discussions and 175 presenters. Access key resources from each session below.



Building a Foundation



Tools for Youth-Driven Learning: Essential Skills Development and Measurement for a Changing World of Work

Cognitive Behavioral Curriculum Prepares Youth for Second Chances: The Experience of “I am READY” with Central American Inmates and At-Risk Youth

Financial Empowerment: A Role for Everyone

Enabling the Enabling Environment: Fostering Adult and Peer Relationships to Support Youth Development

UNICEF’s Global Framework on Skills: From Theory to Practice

Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Safe Spaces: WomenStrong International Launches Girls' Club Handbook to Create Stepping Stones for Impoverished Urban Girls

Education Finance: Building the Business Case for Educating Girls and Equipping Them with Financial and Entrepreneurial Skills

What Big Data and Longitudinal Research Tell Us About Effective Youth Investments

Building Awareness, Nurturing Skills, and Closing the Confidence Gap: How to Help Young Women Join and Thrive in the Transportation Sector

The Entrepreneurial Mindset and the Future of Work for the Next Generation

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Ready for the Global Workforce



Supporting Job Placement and Self-Employment for Refugee Youth: Lessons and Insights from Jordan

Beyond Employer Engagement: How to Meaningfully Involve Industry in Identifying a Skills Mismatch and Aligning Curricula for Entry-level Positions

UX for Youth Engagement: Mobile-First Design and Development in India, and Everywhere Else

More Than Internships: Sustainable Private Sector Engagement in Work-Based Learning

Are In-Demand Jobs in the Hospitality Sector, In-Demand for Opportunity Youth?

Bringing It All Together: Coordinated, Scaled Solutions

Gender Transformative Robots: Building a Training and Employment Service Support Assistant through Gender Transformative/Centered Design

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Livelihoods through Self-Employment



The Samasource Freelance Agency: A Low-cost & Scalable Model for Giving Work in Complex Geographies

Is It a Good Gig? How Digital Platforms Help Youth Thrive in the Gig Economy

Beyond Service: Challenges, Opportunities and Partnerships to Equip National Youth Service Corpers with Entrepreneurship Skills in Nigeria

Youth Creating Jobs – A Presentation of Two New Entrepreneurship Models from Brazil and Ghana