Bridging gaps between Institutional and Community Based (Non)formal Training to Build...

We will start with a presentation on the challenges faced by young agripreneurs and unemployed youth in Northern Uganda. ICCO and AVSI have addressed many of the challenges through their programs in Uganda, including barriers in access to finance, gender equality and access to training-, coachings- and apprenticeship opportunities for both educated and uneducated, Ugandan and refugee youth.

We will share success factors and lessons learned from the AS4Y and ABSYR program in Uganda through a presentation and a video about young agripreneurs. Through an external evaluation, the AS4Y programme design has been shown to produce significant and long-lasting benefits for participating youth, farmers and institutions and is being replicated and contextualized for South Sudanese youth in refugee settlements in northern Uganda. After the presentations, an interactive and creative discussion will take place on the challenges, ICCO’s methodology used, the lessons learned, and alternative ways to support young agripreneurs.


Joanne Ebbers-Vogel, Country Manager Uganda, ICCO Cooperation

Samuele Otim Rizzo, Chief of Party, AVSI