Building Evidence for WFD Systems

Generating more and better evidence on what works has been at the core of youth employment efforts over the last decade. A consistent and accurate measurement of results is essential to improve programming, scale-up action, and inform the development of future policies and programs.

This interactive session will build upon the experience of funders on outcomes measurement and stimulate a dialogue around:

• The identification and measurement of key indicators to enhance data-based decision making for youth employment interventions;

• The development of a new employment and earnings survey that leverages the cognitive interview method engaging youth to better understand their realities at work;

• Learnings from a youth employment impact evaluation portfolio to showcase how results measurement strategies can improve programming.


Matthieu Cognac, Senior Multilateral Cooperation Specialist, International Labour Organization

Rebecca Pagel, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, USAID

Nancy Taggart, Sr. Youth and Workforce Advisor, USAID