Building Resource Ecosystems: Making opportunities More Accessible to Young Changemakers...

Many countries have shifted their focus to development that protects the environment which has given rise to the blue and green economy. However, the potential of young people to contribute to green growth remains untapped. Many of these challenges are due to limited youth friendly entrepreneurship resources for green innovations and interventions that lack coordination and continue to operate in isolation.

Radicle Global is a resource ecosystem for youth enterprises and organisations that operate in the blue and green economy. This session explores Radicle’s digital and physical resources for young changemakers who create transformative solutions to reduce ecological scarcities, encourage environmental conservation, promote overall environmental resilience and support sustainable livelihoods and human well-being. We take a bird’s eye view into key mechanisms that connect young people to meaningful work and empower them to grow as professionals in their field.


Joshua Forte, CEO/Founder, Red Diamond Compost

Shamoy Hajare, Chief Purpose Officer (CPO)/Founder, Radicle Global

Doug Ragan, Chief, UN Habitat Youth and Livelihoods Unit