Co-Creating, Co-Learning and Co-Shaping Career Guidance in a Developing Country: A Case Study...

How can you create systemic change in career guidance? What role can technology play? The USAID-funded YouLead program shares a real-time model from Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan education system prizes achievement in test-taking and university preparation above all—despite the fact that only about 9% of students will be admitted. Every school and local government has a career guidance officer. Virtually none have formal training. Cultural values encourage women to leave work after marriage. In this environment, YouLead faces a systemic challenge: how to professionalize and sensitize an entire education system; how to maximize the number with access to professional career guidance?

The session will showcase three approaches: 1) Bringing stakeholders together to mandate professional career guidance; 2) Utilizing technology and partnerships to expand career testing and disseminate career information; and 3) Producing video content on high-demand careers that inspires youth, engages parents, and showcases women role models.


Anjana Kulasekera, Owner/CEO, CareerMe

Chrishan Pereira, Deputy Project Director, YouLead