Decido Ser/I Choose: A Psychosocial Support Tool for Youth Affected by Conflict in Colombia

For young people who have experienced trauma or violence, it is important to support them in the healing process and by helping to build self-awareness as a crucial aspect of achieving social and economic stability. DecidoSer, or I Choose, is a methodology that ACDI/VOCA has developed to provide comprehensive support to young people that not only promotes work readiness skills but also personal skills for bringing about reconciliation in their families and communities.

To better understand the personal transformations that youth are experiencing through DecidoSer, a teenage mother from Cartagena will share how she has gone from a single mother stuck in an abusive relationship to an empowered, independent young woman. Her testimony demonstrates the need for a psychosocial approach when working with youth affected by conflict.

Finally, speakers will address the challenge of measuring results of DecidoSer activities, as well as quantifying hard-to-measure variables, such as trust, respect, dialogue and empowerment.


Gisella de Andreis, Psychosocial Support Manager, ACDI/VOCA

Andrea Canaval, Juande Ambassador, Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation