From Prevention to Rehabilitation: Economic Opportunities for Young Victims of Violence...

Since 2010, Y Care International and YMCA Bogota’ have designed and implemented multi-year programs in three Barrios in Bogota’ targeting vulnerable young women and men victims of violence and commercial sex exploitation with the purpose to build their economic resilience to seek sustainable livelihoods opportunities. Thanks to this experience we developed and tested an implementation method that can be replicated in other contexts and can be applied to young people (especially women) facing gender-based violence, gang-violence and trauma.

In the session, we intend to bring experiences and voices from young people. These young people will present their own ideas about what worked for them and what can be improved to develop an healthy and inclusive workforce. The session will offer some principles that the audience can take away and apply to different contexts.


Diletta Morinello, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, Y Care International

Martha Munoz, Director of International Programs and Psychologist, YMCA Bogota'