Identifying ‘Win-Win’ Partnerships for Youth Employment in Health: Experiences from Bangladesh..

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

What does it take to get a job in healthcare? The world needs millions more healthcare workers; employers need skilled, emerging talent; and under-served communities need access to healthcare. The global health community has set ambitious goals to meet the estimated need for 40 million more healthcare workers by 2030.

This session will share thought leadership from the USAID-funded Human Resources for Health in 2030 (HRH2030) Program, and will share identified best practices to identify ‘win- win-wins’ to identify education opportunities for youth in health and innovative vocational and educational strategies to improve health outcomes for under-served communities. The broad framework will be presented followed by country case studies in Indonesia and Bangladesh. Presented in a ’20 questions’ format, the session will spark dialogue among participants regarding effectiveness and sustainability. Lessons learned will help youth, educators and program implementers, and private sector partners.


Andrea Poling, Deputy Project Director, Chemonics International, HRH2030