Increasing Access: Innovative Finance for Higher Education

Up to 60 million high potential students graduate from high school every year with the grades, talent, and ambition to pursue rewarding careers but without the financial means to pursue the required degree. Innovative financial models are beginning to emerge which aim to tackle this enormous gap.

This session explores two different models: the first leverages private capital to fund students in Ghana, in an approach that sees the investors share the risk of unemployment with the students; the second is university led and hopes to offer financial products unavailable in Peru to performing students who often have to drop out due to lack of financial resources. This session is ideal for investors, donors, post-secondary institutions, and program implementers that want to explore issues of access to education, financial services and returns.


Julie Gervais, Project Management Advisor, Uniterra A WUSC and CECI Program

Thijs Mathot, Founder & CEO, Brighter Investment

Francisco Planas, Head of Innovation and Business Development, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL)