LinkedIn(to) Job Opportunities?: Experimental Evidence From a Job Training Program...

Among other limitations, work seekers face obstacles in job searching, including a lack of information on where best to apply one's skills and an inability to adequately and efficiently signal their qualifications for open positions. These challenges are driven, in part, by a lack of job search resources (time, money, information, networks), spatial mismatches (living far from job opportunities), and the job search skills of work seekers.

Recently, digital professional networks and job sites like LinkedIn, have offered platforms that may allow youth a cheap and efficient way to overcome job search constraints by proving low-cost labor market information and signaling assets, such as virtual resumes and network references. We have conducted a three-year RCT of LinkedIn usage by Harambee training participants in South Africa. In this session we release our findings and discuss what it means for training providers like Harambee, and platforms like LinkedIn.


Eric Johnson, Director, Research, RTI

Rob Urquhart, Executive for Knowledge and Research, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator