Private Sector Driven TVET – Lessons learned and an emerging model from MCC

This session will present MCC’s applied research to inform donor and government efforts to help countries develop the skills needed for economic growth. Traditional pre-employment TVET training is one option, but innovative partnerships between providers, business/industry, and governments, can deliver better outcomes to a wider range of workers.

This session will review MCC’s lessons learned from early TVET interventions in developingcountries derived from independent impact and performance evaluations conducted in El Salvador, Mongolia, and Namibia. Many of these early interventions focused on facilities and equipment upgrades with capacity building, but did not address core issues of relevance, governance, or sustainable budgeting.

MCC has taken lessons learned towards designing and implementing more innovative and effective TVET reform that includes a variety of interventions, including facilities and

equipment upgrades, capacity building, legal and regulatory reforms, and partnerships with the private sector to create industry relevant skills development.


Isabel Dillener, Director, Human and Community Development, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

Ryan A Moore, Director, Evaluation, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Marcel Ricou, Associate Director, Human and Community Development, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)