So how much does your program cost? Evidence from Three Models in Four Countries

All of us strive to ensure youth workforce programs that are effective, efficient, and pass a cost-benefit test. But how many of us actually have this information readily available? And how does our program compare to others? It is actually much harder to figure out and often we are not willing to share the information.

This break out session will share results from research carried out by FUSADES, a Salvadoran research institute, for Catholic Relief Services to evaluate the cost, cost benefit and return on investment of three versions of the YouthBuild model in four Central American countries. Each new data point helps us understand cost from a different angle and may make you rethink how to actually determine if your program is too expensive or not.


Margarita Beneke de Sanfeliu, Director, Center for Research and Statistics, FUSADES

Kay Andrade Eekhoff, Regional Advisor, Youth Employability, Catholic Relief Services