Unpacking Dynamics of Youth Entrepreneurship

What does it mean to be, or to support, a “youth entrepreneur”? Skills training and supply side ‘start-up’ programs have dominated the youth employment and entrepreneurship scene. At the same time “entrepreneurship” has become an generalized frame for what is increasingly acknowledged to be a heterogeneous group of economic actors from self employed and gig workers to SME-owners to growth business leaders and social entrepreneurs.

In this session, FHI360 will join experts from Educate!, Invest2Innovate and others in dynamic, fast-paced round robin interviews and participatory Q & A to unpack the spectrum of youth entrepreneurship, promising skills programs and the oft overlooked demand and ecosystem dynamics. The discussion will build around three central themes: Education and skills for self employment and entrepreneurship, Customer and Market linkages for Business Success, and Bridging the Gap: Enabling environments for scale and sustainability. Together, we may ask more questions than we answer!


Nicole Goldin, Director Economic Participation/Senior Technical Officer, FHI360

Kalsoom Lakhani, Founder/CEO, Invest2Innovate

Meghan Mahoney, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, Educate!