Youth Engagement: Pathways to Sustainable Livelihoods Through Youth Volunteering

This session will explore how VSO’s joined-up approach to youth volunteering, engagement, and programming leads to increased economic opportunities for young people across Africa, Asia and the UK. VSO’s relational approach to volunteering recognizes that youth volunteers have specific capabilities in influencing and catalyzing sustainable change, which in turn enables youth in rural communities to access economic opportunities.

Using the example of Bangladesh, the session will explore how the presence of different youth volunteering models has empowered young people to build a foundation for their social and economic futures through a mix of soft and professional skills development. The session will conclude by evidencing how youth volunteering prepares young people to enter the workforce through personal and professional development opportunities in Nigeria.

This session will present findings from research conducted by VSO, including two large scale evaluations, evidence from volunteer survey responses, and VSO’s model of relational volunteering.


Jake Willis, ICS Monitoring and Reporting Advisor, VSO

Salina Khatun, Secretary of Youth Club, VSO

Usman Barnabas, Youth Program Manager, VSO