Youth Speak Out on Migration:The Whys Behind Migration&How Programming Empowers Youth to Build their

More Guatemalan youth migrated in 2016 than entered high school in Guatemala. Why? Three quarters of Guatemalan migrants cite lack of economic opportunities as the primary reason to leave home while Honduran youth identified crime and violence as the core driver for migration.

In this interactive session, participants will deepen their understanding of this complex region as Creative Associates and The Inter-American Dialogue present findings from their research on the drivers of youth migration in Guatemala and Honduras. Two youth migrants will co-facilitate the session, sharing their personal stories and the challenging decisions many youth face. Creative will share how Proponte Más in Honduras and our economic growth activities in Guatemala address migration drivers by using a positive youth development (PYD) approach to strengthen families and allow youth to build a prosperous future. Participants will then have an Apply It! opportunity to explore how they would develop PYD-informed programming to address the drivers identified.


Eliza Chard, Senior Project Manager of Workforce and Youth, Economic Growth Division, Creative Associates

Manuel Orozco, Director of Migration, Remittances and Development Program, Inter-American Dialogue