By submitting a proposal for the 2020 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit, you agree to the terms of these Presenter Policies. Making Cents reserves the right to withdraw its selection of any proposal that does not comply with these policies:


Summit Registration: All presenters will be required to register by June 15, 2020. The early registration rate (expires June 1, 2020) for the 2020 Summit is $795. Please note that there is a discounted rate for young professional and developing country participants.

Summit attendees and speakers are required to pay a registration fee. This approach of “co-investment” has allowed the Summit to be continually operated and to make a significant contribution to building the field of youth economic opportunities. The annual Summit allows individuals and organizations to benchmark progress, share and gain new knowledge, and have an annual meeting point to form new and deepen existing partnerships. This sustainable Summit model differs from other conferences activities linked to project funding, that usually end when the project closes or function as “one off” events.  Summit organizers further subsidize the real cost of participation through sponsorships.  

Unconfirmed Presenters:  Session presenters who have not confirmed, registered, and paid their registration fee by June 15, 2020 risk exclusion from the Summit program. Their session may be replaced by another.


Main Contact Person:  One person must be designated as the main contact person for each session. The main contact will be sent all communications regarding the selected proposal and session. S/he will also be responsible for ensuring compliance with these policies, and that all other co-presenters are aware of, and comply with these policies, including deadlines. 


Session Duration and Scheduling: Making Cents will determine the final scheduling of all sessions. By confirming your final selection, you are agreeing to be available for the times designed for breakout sessions during the Summit.


Moderators: Summit organizers may assign a moderator for your session. Moderators are encouraged to ask the tough questions and pull out the most important learning for the audience.


Workshop Content: If you are the main contact person, you assume full responsibility for the design of the workshop, the coordination of all session presenters (if applicable), and the session delivery. You must also ensure that the session methodology reflects that which you specified in your proposal submission, with such refinements to the content as may be advised by the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit organizers.


Summit Orientation and Session Guidance: Confirmed presenters are required to submit their presentations and participate in at least one call and several email exchange prior to the Summit to discuss the accepted workshop. To allow time for this, an outline of the session (including any video or draft PPT presentations, handouts, etc) must be finalized and submitted electronically to Cole Simko ( by August 30, 2020.


Visual Representations & Handouts: Presenters are responsible for bringing their presentation materials as well as copies of any handouts needed for their session. The Summit organizers will not be able to photocopy documents for presenters before or during the event.


Final soft copies of presentations and handouts will be uploaded to the Summit website after the event.


A/V, Room Set-Up, and Other Session Material: Each session room will be equipped with microphones, a screen, and laptop. Internet access is also available. Presenters will be responsible for bringing all other audio-visual equipment they require. If you have any particular room set-up needs, please email them to Cole Simko ( by September 11, 2020. If you do not inform Making Cents of your preference before that time, we cannot guarantee your preferred room set-up.


At the Summit: Upon arrival at the Summit, presenters must check in at the Summit Registration desk. If you are not staying for the entire event, we ask that you please arrive at least 60 minutes before the start of the program. Workshop presenters must also (i) prepare their session’s room during the break that precedes their session, or earlier if possible; and (ii) distribute and collect their workshop material. Any items left in the room will be removed by staff at the end of the day. Please take all materials you wish to keep with you when you leave your session. Summit organizers will not be held responsible for items missing from your workshop room.


Presenter Policies