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Acting Collectively

Youth, youth-led and youth-serving organizations, from over 100 countries around the world, are taking concrete, collective action to help dismantle the barriers youth face in finding decent work. The YEO 2030 community has formed 10 youth-led Action Teams to tackle key topics of interest that range from career guidance, inclusive workplaces, and the green economy to social entrepreneurship, financing for youth, and private-sector leadership.   

YEO Champions lead and coordinate Action Teams comprised of 5 to10 members. Teams develop work plans, measurement frameworks, and review progress toward achievement of activities designed to assist in advancing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8. 

Action team members serve one-year commitments and: 

  • Contribute to development of Action Team work plans and measurement frameworks. 

  • Participate in monthly team meetings. 

  • Take action on agreed upon tasks and activities between team meetings. 

  • Contribute to reporting on activities during regular calls, bi-monthly Champion meetings, and the annual Global YEO Summit. 

  • Promote YEO 2030 activities and progress. 


For more information on how you can work with YEO Champions and get involved with Action Teams, please send an inquiry to


Mentorship Programmes Database

The Leveraging Social Capital Action Team implemented mentorship and apprenticeship programs for early career students in Palestine and Morocco that were aimed at building their peer-to-peer networks and networks with adult allies. In addition, the action team developed a database which provides a list and overview of over 75 global mentorship programmes.

Spotlight Series

The Social Entrepreneurship Team conducted a social media spotlight series to showcase the initiatives and global impact of young entrepreneurs advancing education, climate action, digitalization, youth economic opportunities, and mental health support.

Kikundi App

The Financial Inclusion Action Team has developed an application to enhance the financial literacy, savings, and financial inclusion of local youth-led and youth-serving organizations in Tanzania. The application is available on Google PlayStore and is for use in Tanzania.
(only available in Tanzania)

Challenges and Recommendations for Mentorship Programmes

​The Mentorship for Entrepreneur’s Action Team reviewed 7 global mentorship programmes using Youth Business International’s (YBI) mentorship diagnostic tool. Following this review, the action team has developed a resource highlighting some of the key challenges mentorship programmes face and recommendations on how best to address these challenges.

Youth Inclusion Focus on Disabilities

The Inclusive Workplaces Action Team developed a resource that delves into how organizations can meaningfully include and engage young people living with disabilities within the workforce and advance inclusive workplaces.


The Youth Engagement and Inclusion Action Team has developed a repository containing resources that can be used to increase youth participation and engagement among YEO ecosystem of stakeholders.

One Stop Shop

The Green Jobs Action Team has developed a one-stop shop that highlights the key resources that multi stakeholders and young people can use to enhance their knowledge of green jobs. The resource also provides guidance on youth green workforce development programmes and resources containing testimonials from young changemakers. Read on to start with their Definition of Green Jobs.

Principles of Inclusion and Engagement

​The Youth Engagement and Inclusion Team has proposed principles that can be used by the YEO ecosystem to advance inclusion and engagement in youth economic opportunities.

Private Sector Leadership

The Private-Sector Engagement Team has developed a resource to share insights from the study that they conducted with 18 private-sector companies from South Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe on engagement in advancing youth economic opportunities.

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