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COP27: A YEO 2030 Perspective

(left to right) Award-winning green entrepreneurs Ahmed Eideeb, Ibrahim Hamza, and Nourhan Mohammed; YEO 2030 Program Manager Vicky Aridi and IKEA Foundation CEO Per Heggenes.

Over 45,000 stakeholders attended the 27th Conference of Parties for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), hosted in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt from November 6-20. It was the largest global climate change conference to convene international stakeholders to learn, collaborate, and forge partnerships that contribute to building a greener, more sustainable world. YEO 2030 Initiative was proud to contribute to shaping insights on green economics at COP27 through team member, Vicky Aridi.

The YEO 2030 brings young and seasoned professionals from global stakeholder organizations together to design, coordinate, and implement a living strategy to achieve SDG 8 that focuses on young people, the planet, and prosperity.

Because of her work with YEO 2030 and other organizations, Vicky was invited to the conference to serve as a moderator and guest speaker at several events, including:

  • imaGen Ventures: Organized by UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited, USAID, Plan International, IKEA Foundation, and World Scouts Organization, this event awarded seed funding and mentorship to 12 young green entrepreneurs.

  • Climate Intergenerational Solidarity: Organized by Children Investment Fund Foundation and World Scouts Organization, the event gave world leaders and youth leaders the opportunity to share best practices in accelerating intergenerational solidarity for climate action and green economic opportunities.

  • Youth-led Green Innovations: Organized by UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited, United Nations University, Fundación Avina, FLASCO Ecuador, and International Development Research Centre, this masterclass brought together youth climate activists, green entrepreneurs, and youth leaders to provide insights on climate activism, accelerating green jobs, and the Just Transition.

  • Green Jobs for Youth Pact: Organized by International Labour Organization (ILO), UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited, and UNEP, this high-level event introduced the Green Jobs for Youth Pact focused on youth employment and the climate action nexus, from global policy perspectives to national lessons learned.

(left to right) Vic Van Vuuren, Officer in Charge, Assistant Director General Jobs and Protection, ILO; Vicky Aridi, Program Manager, YEO 2030; Kevin Frey, CEO, UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited; and Susan Gardner, Director of Ecosystems Division, UNEP.

COP27 also closed with a historic decision to establish and operationalize a loss and damage fund.

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