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YEO 2030 Partners with Google for Startups

Man wearing blue shirt and glasses, speaking into a microphone. TEXT: Our mission is to support and empower social impact to solve the world's biggest problems with the best of Google.

The YEO 2030 team at Making Cents International is excited to announce our latest YEO 2030 Partner, Google for Startups! This partnership may be of particular interest to the YEO 2030 community’s social entrepreneurs and other partners who work with them.

"designed to support and empower social impact startups globally"

Google’s Startup Advisor: SDG Program is looking to scale its support to innovative technology startups that are building solutions directly impacting at least one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). The program is designed to support and empower social impact startups globally through mentorship sessions with expert advisors at Google, as well as other presentations, workshops, and roundtables to help social impact entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs who are part of the YEO 2030 community - including Champions and their working groups (i.e., Action Teams) associated with the Livelihoods through Self-Employment activities that are tackling SDG 8, are welcome to apply!

For those interested, please complete this application form, and enter “YEO 2030” when responding to Question #2 (Did an organization refer you to the program… if yes, who was it?). Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and the Google for Startups team will follow-up within a few weeks after receiving application forms. New startups are joining every month!


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