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When you join the GYEO Summit, you become part of a global network of experts, innovators, and change makers who are committed to advancing the social and economic inclusion of young people.

“Attending the Summit is a unique opportunity to listen to and meet a variety of individuals from diverse sectors as well as share learnings from our work. What is particularly beneficial is learning from others’ experiences and lessons on how to address specific challenges that affect the work we do. I left impressed by the content and made several relevant connections.”


- Madhu Rajesh, Director, International Tourism Partnership

“A highlight for me was participating in the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit (GYEO) where I was able to learn and network with a great group of people united by their commitment to supporting young people."


- Michael Bzdak, Global Director, Employee Engagement, Global Community Impact, Johnson & Johnson

“Being part of such a huge gathering, and as a young professional working in the field of Youth Empowerment, GYEO  for me was an amazing opportunity to experience new things; get to know some new best practices, network with several professionals around the Globe who are facing the same challenges, and most importantly having a Golden Chance tell the world about our work and achievements at USAID Career Centers Morocco. GYEO was an extraordinary experience of human energy combined for a prosperous world, and it should continue that great work."

-Mohamed Amine Belhouss, University Cadi Ayyad Career Center Marrakech, Morocco

“I think what’s crucial about the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit (GYEO) is that each year this is the premier space where we bring together policy makers, donors, practitioners, researchers, and young leaders. I think that one of the things that distinguishes the GYEOS is how it always works to make sure that the young leaders on the front lines of these issues are also part of that dialogue in every session.”

- Michael McCabe, Youth Coordinator, USAID

“The future success of the travel and tourism industry depends partly on opening up and providing more opportunities for young people globally. The Summit helps initiate that dialogue and is a valuable opportunity for companies to collaborate and play a larger role in shaping a pathway for young people to transition to the workforce.”


- Daniela Foster, Senior Director, Global Corporate Responsibility, Hilton

"Being at the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit (GYEO) and being in the same room with so many innovators from all over the world expanded my knowledge and challenged me to keep thinking bigger."

                     - Wafaa Arbash, Co-Founder & CEO, WorkAround

"I have been going to GYEO for years and always find it a great place to network, share experiences and learn about new ways to support youth.  This year was particularly exciting with a great new venue, exposure to cutting edge technologies that support youth economic opportunities, a close look at the changing world of work, and the opportunity to hear from youth leaders around the world. FHI 360 was able to bring a small piece of its programming with a mini-Moroccan career center, and shared our approach to holistic


programming to prepare and promote young people’s economic participation."


- Kristin Brady, Program Specialist, Youth & Education, FHI360

"As a panelist from Iraqi Kurdistan, I had the privilege of meeting many youth leaders, entrepreneurs, economists, and many organizations around the globe. It was such a great experience and opportunity to see and interact with many businesses and employers as well as build professional relationships with many role models who have been effective in making changes in the life of youth worldwide. It was a big success.

I am always interested in being a part of such a great event, and I highly recommend people attend the GYEO Summit to have the same great experience I had."

                     - Syako Shekho, Career Development Cent, Soran University

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