YEO 2030

A message to our Global YEO Community

The coronavirus pandemic and renewed focus on addressing inequality globally has reemphasized the importance of our work to advance social and economic opportunity for all young people. The crisis has also demonstrated how our collective efforts must adapt and accelerate to better serve young people and our community as we rebuild from the pandemic. In response, over the past year through consultations with youth leaders, practitioners, private companies, and funders, and other thought leaders, we have embarked on the creation of a new strategy and approach for the GYEO Summit and Youth Economic Opportunities Network.

Renewing Our Focus on 2030

Moving forward, we will anchor our GYEO Summit Learning Agenda in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on contributing to the achievement of SDG#8: Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth; full and productive employment; and decent work for all. Achieving this goal is more urgent than ever as we rebuild from the global pandemic and take on related global challenges, such as social justice, climate change, gender equity, and more. 

Embracing Virtual Engagement

Recognizing that the pandemic spurred new ways of working, learning, and convening, we will engage a broader audience more effectively by conducting our Washington, D.C.-based Summit through a hybrid model of online learning and in-person collaboration and community building.

Providing More Opportunities Globally for Youth to Lead

Most importantly, we will re-orient our convening activities globally and engage youth leaders directly through support for local, youth-led events that contribute to growing young people’s capacity and networks to achieve positive social impact in their communities. In order to achieve the SDGs, youth must not only be the focus, but also at the forefront of designing and implementing our work.

We hope you are as enthusiastic about this new strategy as we were in developing it. Stay tuned for more information on the global launch of the YEO 2030 Initiative, scheduled for November 17-18, 2021. If you are interested in partnering with us on this new journey, please send an email to

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