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Connecting for Collective Action

Recognizing that the pandemic spurred new ways of working, learning, and convening, we will engage a broader audience more effectively by conducting our Washington, D.C.-based Summit through a hybrid model of online learning and in-person collaboration and community building.

Making Cents is excited to launch the YEO 2030 Initiative, which brings together intergenerational changemakers to address key challenges preventing sustainable economic growth and employment for all.  

As a thought leader in the youth economic opportunity (YEO) space, Making Cents will leverage our expertise in designing innovative strategies to engage youth and our skill in convening key stakeholders in dynamic learning spaces, such as the Global YEO Summit, to accelerate progress toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal 8 by 2030. 

We will elevate youth leadership; listen to new voices; develop an ecosystem map of key YEO stakeholders and activities; and share and learn from successes and failures in order to inform stakeholder activities and co-design a living strategy to achieve SDG 8 that focuses on young people, the planet, and prosperity. 

Thematic building blocks will guide discussions and the design of the YEO 2030 strategy, including the climate crisis and green jobs; economic equity and inclusion; innovative finance for work; social entrepreneurship; and the future of work. 

Starting in the fall of 2021, YEO 2030 will host Youth Dialogues and Solution sessions to improve our strategy. And, in the first quarter of the new year, the initiative will host a Regional Convening and the Global YEO Summit. 

  • The YEO Youth Dialogues are a series of dialogues with youth to understand what they really need.  

  • The YEO Solution Webinars identify challenges, sketch out potential solutions, and share resources and innovations for each theme.  

  • The Regional YEO Convening will be an opportunity for key stakeholders to connect, collectively reflect on what we have learned from the Youth Dialogues and Solution Webinars, and discuss solutions.  

  • The Global YEO Summit will be a gathering to share initiative progress widely, address challenges; build and strengthen partnerships; learn about additional sector innovations and findings; and chart a path forward. 

As an active participant in YEO 2030, you will have the opportunity to share your innovations, failures, and successes to promote learning; contribute to the YEO ecosystem mapping; provide input on establishing success metrics and/or indicators, and inform the YEO strategy by becoming a partner and/or attending YEO 2030 regional and global events planned for early 2022. 


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