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Amplifying Youth Voices

Acting Collectively

Collaborating Globally


Register for annual YEO 2030 learning and planning events hosted by us and our trusted partners.


Action Teams tackle key topics — from career guidance and the green economy to entrepreneurship. 


Join a diverse ecosystem of dedicated partners with a common vision and commitment to advancing SDG 8.


Use this interactive map to identify possibilities for collaboration, pinpoint areas of overlap, and discover gaps.

The YEO 2030 Initiative is building on the success of our past Global Youth Economic Opportunity Summits by emphasizing youth leadership and by linking learning to action. While we are still focused on sharing best practices for addressing key issues affecting youth economic opportunities globally, with the launch of YEO 2030 we are taking one step further. We are renewing our commitment to increasing youth economic opportunities by placing young people at the helm and by taking concrete actions with a broader community of stakeholders to advance achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8.

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Youth Leadership in Action

Catherine Dudun shares her experience at the World Bank Youth Summit. One question that she found herself coming back to more than any other — in a world where well-intentioned efforts to engage marginalized populations often fall short, would the WBG’s efforts to engage youth be meaningful and genuine?


Meaningful Conversations

We had conversations with some of the youth attending the Summit about economic opportunities, skills, inclusion, and youth participation. Here are some things they told us were important to them.


Summit Recap

The 2023 Global Youth Economic Opportunities (YEO) Summit in Silver Spring, Maryland, was a testament to the power of youth and inclusion and the pivotal role both play in sustainable development and economic growth.

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#United4Inclusion Contest Winners

We are delighted to unveil the winners of the #United4Inclusion contest. This global contest brought forth a tapestry of perspectives, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in our collective narrative. 

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