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2019 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit Agenda

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The 2019 GYEO Young Leaders Program included dedicated leadership development activities for young people ahead of the 13th Annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit. The program took place on October 1 (1:00PM-5:00PM) and October 2 (8:30AM-2:30 PM).

Together with our partners, the Global Opportunity Youth Initiative (GOYI), the 2019 program brought together a cohort of young leaders who are joined by their common commitment to serving their communities. The program helped participants gain a deeper understanding of critical leadership skills such as communication, healthy mentorship and relationship building, and the power of social networks.

Participants in the 2019 GYEO Young Leaders program:


  • Joined a global network of peers, experts and potential mentors who share a common commitment to service in their communities.  


  • Learned about critical leadership topics such as effective communication, healthy relationship building and mentorship, and how to develop and maintain social networks to support your goals.


  • Connected directly with experts through one-to-one and group mentorship activities designed to put your leadership skills into practice.


  • Learned by doing and apply the skills developed through the Young Leader program at the 2019 GYEO Summit.

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